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Austin Meyer

Clinical Fellow in Infectious Diseases at Boston Children's and Beth Israel Deaconess

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My Github has all of the code

Web Apps using Shiny and Rmarkdown

Female and Male Physician Quality Scores (code only)
Clinical Biomarkers in Diagnosis of Pneumococcal Pneumonia (code only)
Predictive Value of Clinical Tests
Statistical versus Biological Significance (code only)

COVID-19 Shiny Apps

Ohio App (link #1)
Ohio App (link #2)
US States App (link #1)
US States App (link #2)

Web apps using javascript and D3

COVID-19 Aggregate Count and Map (currently broken due to data aggregator changes)

Morning Report

The Darkened Band
- Probability calculator #1 (w/ D-dimer)
- Probability calculator #2 (w/ CTPE)

Lecture Slides

Alpha-, Arena- and Bunyavirus Hemorrhagic Fevers
Filovirus Infections
Tropical Flavivirus Infections
Biostats and Epidemiology: A brief introduction
Biostats and Epidemiology: Review for USMLE Step 1